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Chocolate making experience

Method / Step 1:
Tools: microwave oven, large bowl, mold cocoa powder, cocoa butter, (bubble is better, of course, if you buy powder, but if you buy powdered cocoa, you must buy butter。

Method / Step 2:

1: Find a steamer, put water and heat. Then place the big bowl on the steamer.

2: Put cocoa powder, cocoa butter, and sugar in a bowl, stirring constantly. Until something in the bowl is mushy (more sticky, it will drip on the spoon, but not quickly. It’s a bit like pouring tomato sauce)

3: Add a small amount of milk and pour into the paste, and stir again until it is sticky again and cool naturally. Put the paste into the refrigerator compartment and take it out after 5 ~ 10 minutes.

4: Heat it again until it melts (remember to stir). At this time, you can also put a little spice or sweetener you like. Pour into the mold and let it cool naturally.

Method / Step 3:
Selection Guide

The most direct way to evaluate whether a chocolate is good or not is sensory evaluation, that is, to make a comprehensive judgment from the color, brightness, crispness, sweetness and silkiness of chocolate. The sensory evaluation of really good chocolate must be not bad. But the problem is that when we go to the supermarket to buy chocolate, we only see the packaging of the chocolate, and we ca n’t really eat the chocolate in our mouths.

Method / Step 4:
Storage conditions

Chocolate is a very fragile and delicate product. The storage conditions are very particular. In addition to avoiding sunlight and mildew, the storage place should not have a strange smell. The most important thing is the control of temperature and humidity.

After opening the package or unused chocolate must be sealed again with plastic wrap, placed in a cool, dry and ventilated place, and the temperature is preferably constant. Chocolate sauce or filling must be stored in a fresh-keeping cabinet.

If the chocolate is placed at an excessively high temperature, large stripes or spots will appear on the surface. If placed in a wet or cold environment, gray

Method / Step 5:

White film, these changes will not have much impact on the aroma and texture of chocolate, and can still be used for cooking and baking

If preserved properly, pure and bittersweet chocolates can be kept for more than one year, and milk and white chocolates should not be stored for more than six months. White chocolate is stored for a long time and may taste the same, but it will be less likely to melt.

Method / Step 6:

The answer to eating chocolate before bed is good or bad. It ’s not a good idea to eat a lot of chocolate before going to bed. Because like coffee and strong tea, chocolate also has an exciting effect, making it more difficult for people with poor sleep to fall asleep. Chocolate is a food that easily releases calories. Eating more before going to bed will increase blood sugar, and if it can’t be consumed, it will be converted into fat and stored. However, eating chocolate before going to bed also has its benefits, which is due to the sexual stimulation of chocolate. Not only does it make people feel sexually happy, it breaks down all kinds of obstructions, but it also contains theobromine and caffeine, which are two important substances for mental excitement. Chocolate can arouse people’s physical senses and improve their spiritual excitement. Not only can it make people more energetic like coffee and strong tea, but chocolate can make people more sexy and charming.