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Chocolate making experience

Method / Step 1:Tools: microwave oven, large bowl, mold cocoa powder, cocoa butter, (bubble is better, of course, if you buy powder, but if you buy powdered cocoa, you must buy butter。 Method / Step 2:practice 1: Find a steamer, put water and heat. Then place the big bowl on the steamer. 2: Put cocoa […]

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Custom chocolate

We can customize your own brand of chocolates, various holiday chocolates, wedding chocolates, birthday chocolates, etc.

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Congratulations to AU CHOCOLATE on the successful acquisition of VIOLET CHOCOLATE!

Australia chocolate Production Pty Ltd is headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Our company successfully acquired Violet Chocolates in 2019 for nearly 20 years. Now our company owns two well-known chocolate brands, Au Chocolate and Violet Chocolate, and has many chocolate making experts as guides to produce creative new chocolate. Our products are: traditional chocolate, handmade chocolate, […]

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